We have started to provide analytical facilities on commercial bases to Small Scale Pharmaceutical Units/ Researchers/ Pharmacy Institutes at justified rates and in minimum stipulated time. If you / your faculty/ your students are interested of availing in any of services as provided in the list attached, then feel free to call us / contact us.

Download Facilities Details & Charges

S.No. Instrument Make and Model Test/Type of Experiment Peformed Price Per Sample in INR
1. Dissolution Test Apparatus Lab India Disso 2000 Dissolution Studeis of
  • Tablet,
  • Capsule,
  • Extended Release Formulations
  • Fast Release Formulations

2. Dissolution Test Apparatus Campbell Electronics Dissolution Studeis of
  • Tablet,
  • Capsule,
  • Extended Release Formulations
  • Fast Release Formulations

3. Diffusion cell apparatus Orchid Scientifics Diffusion studies 300.00
4. Disintegration Test Apparatus Scientific Eng. Disintegration studies 100.00
Enteric Tablet 200.00
5. Uniformity of Weight or Weight Variation Test All type of Tablet and Capsules 100.00
6. Friabilator Campbell electronics Friability study 100.00
7. Lyophillizer Allied Frost(Macflow) Freeze drying 800.00 up to 100ml/24hr
8. Brookfield Viscometer Rehometer Brookfield Viscosity determination of Viscous liquids, Syrup, Suspension, Emulsion, and Gel. 200.00
9. Ostwald viscometer 150.00
10. Sonication Bath Sonicator Size Reducing, Solubility etc. 100.00/hr
11. Solubility Bath Shaker Wrist shaker Qualitative Solubility in five solvents. 100.00
12. Wt/ml or Relative Density Density of Solids & Liquids 100.00
13. Flow properties of powder and Granules Tapped Density, Bulk Density, Angle of Repose, Hausner's Ratio, Carr's Index 200.00
14. Test for cosmetics
Cold cream 500.00
Tooth Paste 500.00
Lipstick 500.00
Shampoo 500.00
Shaving Cream 500.00
15. Particle size by Sieving Method 100.00
16. Particle Size by Microscopic Method 100.00
17. Stability Analysis Accelerated Stability Studies 3000.00Per product per month
18. HPLC Shimadzu LC20-AD
  • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of drugs
150per hour
19. UV Spectroscopy Shimadzu 2700
  • Maxima Wavelength Determination
  • Calibration Plots
20. FTIR Bruker Alpha-E IR Spectrum of Drugs 100.00
21. Karl Flsher Quantification of Water 100.00
22. Flame photometer (No, K, Li) Estimation of Sodium,Potassium, Lithium etc. 200.00
23. Limit Test Arsenic, Chloride, iron, lead, Sulphate 200.00
24. Melting Point/Boiling Point 50.00
25. Analytical Method Validation Accuracy, Percision,LOD,LOQ,Linearity,Range,Robustness As per protocol 5000.00
26. Photomicroscope Motic,Japan Photography of thin sections from either plant drug or histology study of any organ and size & area measurement of minute granules, fibers and cells. 50.00
27. Loss on Drying 100.00
28. Ash Value 100.00
29. pH Value 50.00
30. Refractrometer 50.00
31. TLC 200.00
32. BioAnalyzer*

*Only experiment and rodent samples will be processed.
Microlab 300-Merck Blood/Plasma/Serum estimation of:Glucose,Total cholestrol,Urea,Uric acid,Protein 100/-each
ALT,AST,HDL cholestrol, LDL Cholestrol, Triglycerides,creatinine 200/-each
LDH,CK-MB 700/-each
33. Cooling Centrifuge Remi 200.00/-sample
34. Rotaevoprator with chiller Hidloph 400.00/-per hr.
35. Micro centrifuge Remi 100.00/-per sample
36. Micro Tissue Homogeniger Remi Tissue homozeniger of Brain, Liver, Heart etc. 100.00per sample
37. ELISA TNFα,Cytokines, Based on Method As per Kit Rates.
38. Vortx Shaker Remi 100.00per sample